Teaching Methodology

Our methodology is different from that of other educational institutes. Though theoretical inputs are essential to any business management program we do not give it undue emphasis as others do. Our stress is on the overall development of the individual. We believe that the old concepts of management are no more relevant in the current scenario because the technological changes and innovations are fast transforming the very basis of the concept of management. Today, what one will need is the skill to manage people. How effective one is in goals set for oneself, decides one's success as a manager. In fact, the following additional inputs contribute significantly in making the learning process highly integrated. The syllabus is reviewed and analyzed periodically to be in sync with the latest issues.

Case Study: The Simulation Method
The institute brings the complex realities of business into the classroom through the powerful medium of case studies; both real and simulated. It is an interactive process which stimulates the expertise and hidden potential of budding managers making them more confident to deal with the practical problems of the corporate world.

All cases discussed are first hand accounts of the actual management situations. The cordial point of the cases are the problems that erupt in the work place, involving organizations ranging from high-tech startups to the Government.

The institute has undertaken the task of developing comprehensive case studies in fundamental and functional management areas.

Guest Lectures
In addition to our full time faculty, eminent people from various educational institute and industry are invited to address the students on a regular basis. These guest speakers bring with them not only the long years of experience and knowledge but also the latest trends in business management.

Seminars and Workshops
Keeping pace with fast changing economic and political scenario across the country in particular, and international level in general is the key factor of success for any upcoming manager. Hence, participation in seminars, workshops by management trainees or practicing managers is a step forward in the right direction as it not only updates his/her knowledge but also expands the horizon of his/her vision. With this in view, it has become a continuous effort on the part of management to hold as many seminars and workshops as possible.

Project work is another activity of the institute for the fulfillment of our objective of integrated learning. Knowledge from the books remains dormant until it is put to use and its efficiency tested and tried. Project works also provide the key to successful development of managerial skills. Projects form an integral part of internship in the course curriculum of every semester. Students are advised to consult and choose meaningful projects at various industrial houses. Complete guidance and support is provided by the managers related to the industry and experienced faculty members of the institute.

Personality Development
Any amount of knowledge and skill is of a little use unless the total personality gets empowered. The young graduates are trained to become all round managers by exposing them to the modern techniques of yoga, stress management, public speaking, corporate communications, etc. These courses are further supplemented with creative hobby classes in the areas like Audio video presentations, Music, Dramatics, Yoga, Gym, Cultural programs, Paper presentations and Interactive sessions.

Evaluation System
The institute has a vigorous and continuous evaluation system. All students are evaluated on the basis of class room participation, quizzing, seminars, assignments, oral and written presentations, managerial work experience (in-house training), Mid-term and Final Examinations.

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