The institute has one of the best infrastructure in the state for games and sports; both outdoor as well as indoor. There are Basketball court, Volleyball court, Badminton courts, facility for Hockey, Football, Cricket, recreational and relaxing center is made available to students.

To rejuvenate the inner soul in today's stressful working environment, when st everything is mechanized in the name of the 21 century, sports meets are organized giving the students a soothing touch of life.

Extra Curricular Activities
Students are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, organized by the institute. The institute organizes debates, mock interviews, presentations, group discussions, quizzing, seminars, case study, news analysis, industrial tours, field trips etc. for its students. Visit, to manufacturing plants commercial/service establishments are also arranged from time to time. These filed trips/tours help the students and in getting familiar with actual work environment and also to promote interaction with the professional world.

  • Competition on Debate
  • Extempore
  • Self composed poetry

Study Tours
Students are exposed to industries through organized tours for their overall understanding of business activities in related fields. This is aimed to keep students in constant touch with the actual practices followed in business organizations. They are also encouraged to take up research based projects from industries.

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